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Programmes relating to specific problems such as phobias.


Midlife Divorce Mentoring

Helping women rebuild life after divorce. Discover how to recover from the trauma of divorce and rebuild your life so your past does not define your future.

Friendly Spider Programme

This programme for arachnophobics is co-run by the CCH and ZSL London Zoo. It is the original of these courses having been running for over 25 years. It is a highly successful course and has featured in news and documentaries. The CCH’s John Clifford deals with the psychology of phobias and a hypnosis session while ZSL London Zoo’s Dave Clarke covers the reality of spiders and their behaviour. The course is designed to be as relaxed and stress free as possible. We normally run 7 sessions per year between April and October.
dates pending

Stress In The Workplace

The workshop aims to give participants an understanding of the physical and mental effects of fear in relation to the workplace and everyday life. It provides strategies and techniques to help cope with them. It covers low level fear (anxiety and long term fear (stress), dealing with individual situations and the fear of new challenges.

An ideal tool for personal development, team building and corporate events.

Face Your Fear of Heights

A fear of heights can be very controlling and limiting for sufferers. Our fear of heights course is designed to help people with this problem. We discuss how fear of heights affects participants on a daily basis, We then cover the psychology of fear and end with a hypnotherapy session to remove the fears and instil a realistic attitude to heights.
Dates Pending

Friendly Reptile Programme

This programme is designed for people with a phobia of snakes (ophidiophobia) and is co-run by the CCH and ZSL London Zoo. The course is based on the principles of our very successful Friendly Spider Programme. The CCH’s John Clifford discusses the psychology of phobias and runs a hypnosis session while a ZSL London Zoo expert covers the reality of snakes and their behaviour. As ophidiophobia is less common the course is run on an ad-hoc basis whenever we have enough potential participants.

Face Your Fears Workshop

Face your Fears is a unique workshop to participate in if you are thinking of starting a business. Participants will gain an understanding how fear works and why we react as we do. It explores the links between human and animal behaviour and discover the negative effects of fear and how to turn it to your advantage.

Decluttering Programme

Having a clearcut can be symbolic of a big change in your life consciously or unconsciously. There can be a lot of emotion involved involved in this process. Our decluttering programme helps you both in a practical way and provides you with theraputic support during this time.

common questions

Yes, we are very flexible and are happy to adapt courses to your company’s needs.

Yes, we sign bespoke courses for company’s.

Yes, quite often there is as part of the course. It will be a mixture of Hypnotherapy, Cognitive Behaviour Therapy and on occasions counselling.

Each course will have a set duration. Click on individual courses for times.

There is a group agreement upheld for confidentiality on courses.

Booking a course can be done online, via email or phone and sometimes direct with our course partners. Click on each course to get this information.

Course prices vary. Click on each course to find the prices. There are no hidden fees involved.

Each course performs a specific role which is clearly laid out. if you are unsure you can always talk to us to clarify anything.

We tend not to do follow up courses. If an individual from a course needs some extra help as a participant of a course we offer this at a reduced fee.

Course are located at varoius locations. Please click on individual courses for this information.

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