Covid Policy

Covid 19 Notice

At The CCH we are constantly monitoring the Covid situation and working hard to keep our clients and therapists  safe. 

We are now seeing clients face to face and are working within the governments recommend guidelines.

Stay safe from all at The Centre of Clinical Hypnosis
2 March 2023

Covid 19

Covid 19 Policy

The Centre of Clinical Hypnosis operates with very strict hygiene and sanitation protocols in place to protect our clients.  Despite these precautions there is an inherent risk of human to human transmission of the Corona virus (COVID-19). 

We request any symptomatic clients to stay away from the clinic at this time, and anyone who has been in contact with someone with COVID 19 in the past 7 days. If you have any cold type symptoms please cancel and rebook your appointment as we have to protect our elderly and vulnerable patients. Whilst The Centre of Clinical Hypnosis has taken every further precaution to limit your risk of exposure to Coronavirus, we cannot guarantee that there is no risk to you as a result of attending the clinic and/or receiving therapy.

We ask you to come alone for your appointment if possible.

How does Corona virus spread?

COVID-19 spreads from person to person through small droplets, aerosols and through direct contact.  Surfaces and belongings can also be contaminated with COVID-19 when people with the infection cough or sneeze or touch them. The risk of spread is greatest when people are close to each other, especially in poorly ventilated indoor spaces and when people spend a lot of time together in the same room. People who have COVID-19 can infect others from around 3 days before symptoms start, and for up to 10 days after. They can pass the infection to others, even if they have mild symptoms or no symptoms at all, which is why they must stay at home.

You are in the “at risk” group

If you are

  • Pregnant 
  • Over 70
  • Have a long term health condition such as diabetes, or respiratory condition
  • Have a weakened immune syste


    Consent to receive therapy

    • I understand that there is a risk of transmission of Cornavirus (COVID -19) as a result of attending the clinic and/or receiving therapy.
    • I understand that The Centre of Clinical Hypnosis cannot accept responsibility for transmission of the Coronavirus (COVID-19) should I become infected.
    • I have had the chance to ask all the questions I wish to at this time.
    • I give consent for my details to be released if the clinic is approached by Track and Trace. 
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